In a horrific incident, a 56 year old man was pushed by a woman onto the rail tracks after he accidentally bumped into her. The fall of the man caused his death and many on social media are categorizing the act as a murder and not an accident.

The man named Deepak Chamanlal Patwa lost his life in the incident after the woman allegedly started a brawl with him.

The CCTV video shows that he mistakenly bumped into the woman and apologized according to witnesses.

The woman who pushed Deepak was Manisha Khakadiya was caught on the scene while those who were accompanied her escaped. The crowd on the scene held onto the woman until the police arrived.

Senior police inspector of Kurla GRP, Mahesh Balwantrao said,

“Claiming that Patwa, a Mulund resident, touched her inappropriately, Khakadiya created a ruckus. A man, who was among the crowd that had gathered, intervened and started to fight with Patwa. When Patwa denied the allegations, the man got furious and pushed him. The CCTV recordings show the man had seen the train approaching when he pushed Patwa off the platform. Patwa was run over by the train and died on the spot.”

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