Boy Plotted to Kill Parents After Being Denied Marriage to White Girl

Punjabi student named Gurtej Singh Randhawa aged 19 from Wolverhampton plotted to explode his parents in a bomb he purchased on the internet. Gurtej was sentencted to 8 years in prison by the Birmingham Crown Court the after an investigation by the FBI revealed he was attempting to murder his parents because his parents did not approve his white girl friend.

Reportedly, he received a package in the mail last May from a website called Alphabay which had a remotely detonated explosive.

However, the FBI foiled the plot as they posed as dealers and intercepted the delivery before it reached Gurtej. After the posed dealers (FBI agents) met the boy, Gurtej asked them questions related to how much the explosive impact of the bomb would be.

The police officers intercepted the package and replaced it with a dummy device which ended up being delivered to the address Gurtej provided. The National Crime Agency’s Armed Operation Unit’s too action after they observed him trying to test the device.

Further evidence on the criminal activities of the man revealed he had purchased drugs in the past but the deliveries were never made. The police arrested the man pressed charges of trying to endanger and harm people with an explosive device.

The Daily Mail quoted the Judge the following:

Sentencing the teen, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb told Randhawa: ‘You are plainly highly intelligent and capable of determined manipulation.

‘You told sustained lies to your girlfriend and her family about your own parents, particularly your father.

‘I have no doubt that this offence was motivated by your desire to live with your girlfriend and attend university together.

‘How the major changes in your life that you wished for were to be achieved, included endangering the life of your father by setting off an explosion in his car.

‘This was an offence of astonishing audacity.

‘You obtained the explosives, so you thought, having paid for the device using crypto-currency and arranged for its delivery to an address away from your own home.’

Randhawa told the criminal division he did not mean to cause harm to any persons but the criminal agency provided enough evidence to prove the statement false.

The CPS stated:

‘He denied he planned to use the explosives to cause injury but the CPS demonstrated to the jury that this was a lie and Randhawa was observed attempting to test his device before being arrested.

‘Randhawa had used the dark web in an attempt to avoid detection but instead he is now serving a significant prison sentence.’

Tim Gregory, from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit, said: ‘The explosive device Randhawa sought to purchase online had the potential to cause serious damage and kill many people if he had been successful in using it.

‘He was not involved in an organised crime group or linked to terrorism, but his actions show he is someone who poses a significant risk to the community.

‘Identifying people like Randhawa – who seek to access illegal firearms and weapons – is a priority for the NCA and we will not stop in our efforts to make sure they are arrested and held accountable for their actions’.

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