Box Office Collection Report of “Chaar Sahibzaade”

Note these figures don’t include revenue from additional screens. Screens in the UK have increased tremendously.

1st Day Box Office Collections:- 2.90 Crores

2nd Day Box Office Collections:- 2 Crores

3rd Day Box Office Collections :- 3 Crores

4th Day Box Office Collections :- 4 Crores

5th day box office collections:- 3 crores

Domestic Report:
1st Weekend Domestic Collections : ₹ 1.25 Cr.
1st Weekend Overseas Collections : ₹ 2.22 Cr.

The Chaar Sahibzaade opening day box office collections were the seventh highest of the year behind 1984 Punjab, Disco Singh, Jatt James Bond, Double Di Trouble, Romeo Ranjha and Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo. There have been around 30 Punjabi releases this year 2014.
Chaar Sahibzaade

United States of America


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
30Happy New Year3152,568892,837,80917.44 crores
32Chaar Sahibzaade189,1311591,50556.24 lacs
43The Shaukeens140,1646540,16424.68 lacs
83Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain15,94815,9483.65 lacs
86Varsham (Telugu)15,36545,3653.29 lacs
96Joru (Telugu)13,897157,6194.68 lacs
99Fugly13,63513,6352.23 lacs
119Kaththi (Tamil)31,3744621,3973.81 crores
144Queen3635311,202,6477.39 crores
156Jai Hind 2 (Tamil)112021207,375/-

Note: Some screens yet to report.


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (US$)ScreensTotal Gross (US$)Total Gross (INR)
16Happy New Year356,01217722,1174.43 crores
31The Shaukeens112,2131012,2137.50 lacs
34Yoddha: The Warrior(Punjabi)211,338716,72410.27 lacs

United Kingdom and Ireland

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (£)ScreensTotal Gross (£)Total Gross (INR)
14Chaar Sahibzaade181,3481681,34898.45 lacs
24The Shaukeens121,7002421,70021.19 lacs


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (A$)ScreensTotal Gross (A$)Total Gross (INR)
10Chaar Sahibzaade1141,38722141,38775.31 lacs
23Happy New Year334,80418718,9853.83 crores
36The Shaukeens19,27299,2724.93 lacs
49The Lunchbox184,04191,549,8318.25 crores
56Jai Ho422,3332449,6542.39 crores
76Yoddha The Warrior(Bengali)25291429,70115.82 lacs
79Siddharth54261463,59133.87 lacs
83Kaththi (Tamil)33611193,8461.03 crores
88Super Nani222215,9903.19 lacs

New Zealand

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (NZ$)ScreensTotal Gross (NZ$)Total Gross (INR)
8Chaar Sahibzaade133,832733,83216.20 lacs
25Happy New Year37,24111287,1711.37 crores
27The Lunchbox85,15730414,3661.98 crores
32The Shaukeens12,63422,6341.26 lacs
44Siddharth5514816,4967.90 lacs
51Yoddha The Warrior(Bengali)217014,5862.19 lacs

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