The Sikh Groups have hit the street today, protesting against the Writers and Academicians, who have recently returned their awards, as part of their anti-Modi agenda.

The Sikh groups asked the writers why they did not return the awards after 1984 Sikh massacre, which witnessed the killing of 30,000 Sikhs in Delhi alone. The demonstration was held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

Expressing anguish against writers returning their awards over the “climate of intolerance” in the country, a group of Sikh protesters on Friday burnt books questioning the authors’ silence on 1984 anti-Sikh riots issue.

The protesters led by Gurcharan Singh Babbar, who had written a book on 1984 riots titled Sarkari Qatl-e-aam, burnt over 500 copies of the book at Jantar Mantar here registering their anger and frustration against the delay in justice in pending cases of 1984 riots.
“We want to question the author community who is returning their awards in protest against the climate of intolerance in the society that where were they for past 32 years? Why a similar civil outrage was not witnessed when 1984 Sikh riots shook the nation and the victims have been denied justice till date?, “ Babbar told reporters here.

Via: PTI

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