Bomb Blast at Funeral of 25 Sikhs Killed in Attack at Kabul Gurdwara

KABUL, Afghanistan   

A blast occurred during the funeral of the 25 Sikhs killed after gunmen stormed the Gurdwara Sahib where 40 families had sought refuge. The blast occurred during the funeral site near the gate of the crematorium in Kabul which further struck fear into members of the Sikh community. Several other mines were recovered from the surrounding area.

11 children were among the victims of the deadly attack which the Islamic Group claimed responsibility for. The gunman who stormed the Gurdwara was killed by international troops stationed in Kabul.

The gunman was identified as Abu Khalid Al-Hindi who was a national of India according to the associated press.

The women stayed behind at the Gurdwara Sahib as the funeral occurred. There were no causalities due to the blast at the crematory site.

The Taliban issued a stated on twitter stating they were not behind the attack.

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