A fight broke out between villagers of a village near Ferozpur over the installation of Sewerage system. The dispute involved land which the ex-Sarpanch purchased from the government after he won a case but after losing the election, the new Sarpanch wanted to use the land for dumping waste water. The former Sarpanch still laid claims to the land and rallied people to stop the construction.

The group which was for the new sewerage system opposed the ex Sarpanch over trying to stop the construction. A bloody fight broke out causing injuries to several. A policeman’s hand can be seen bloody in one of the videos. Those involved in planning the sewerage system stated they had proper approvals and wanted to install the new system for the betterment of the village. A source in the village stated villagers were divided on purpose by the ex Sarpanch and to cause disharmony.

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