Slough Sikhs reported the following:

“Today a black male entered the Gurudwara at around 8.45 pm and tried to make his way through the Gurughar. The Sevadaars and gianis did nothing to stop this individual except for ONE of the regular Sangat. The individual was challenged and asked why he was in the Gurudwara since the doors were now locked. He had managed to get in through the langar hall was and being disrespectful. When challenged he began shouting obscenities and also began shouting Allah Hu Akbar at the top of his voice. As he went to leave having realised he would not gain access to upstairs, he was followed out by the member of the sangat who had challenged and stopped him. He at once turned and tried to attack the sangat member who with Guroo Sahibs kirpa was more than capable of defending himself. After one further attempt of trying to attack the sangat member and failing also, the individual left with a bruised ego.

This post is not against Muslims but if anyone, rather than condemning this ungodly individuals action wishes to feel offended then that is their human right to do so.

Earlier in the day three girls who were muslim also came to the Gurudwara and were seen off the premises because they were misbehaving. Whether the two incidences are linked is yet to be established.”

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