BKU Ugraha from Tikri Border Sends Huge Convoy to Kundli Border To Aid Farmers After Mob Violence

The BKU Ugrahan from Tikri Border sent a massive convoy to aid farmers at Kundli border to aid the farmers after a group of people conducted violence against the farmers 2 days ago. The Singhu-Kundli border is the largest protest site of three for the farmers.

What’s the situation?

Singhu-Kundli border has 2 stages both about 30 meters apart. The first stage which is considered the main stage presides over most of the farmers at the protest site. The second stage is considered by the leaders of the farmers group as a fringe group that isn’t part of the Sanuket Kisan Morcha. The stage is controlled by the Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee and it’s head is SS Pandher.

The second stage group was the victim of the violence from about 300 people who pelted stones at them.

After the Singhu-Kundli main stage distanced themselves from the Pandher group or the second stage, there was a shortage of people. The people onsite became worried and feared another mob violence may occur.

Understanding the situation, the BKU Ugrahan which controls the stage at Tikri border sent a large convoy to the second stage area to aid the farmers onsite.