BJP MLA: Use Cow Urine and Dung to Treat Coronavirus

There is a worldwide concern over the Coronovirus which has alreadly affected over 100,000 people and caused over 2800 deaths. A vaccine for the Coronavirus is currently undergoing clinical tests but won’t be available to treat humans for several months. However, a BJP MLA was quoted stating that the cow urine can treat the deadly virus.

BJP MLA Suman Haripriya from Assam’s Hajo assembly stated,”Coronavirus is an airborne disease and it can be cured by using ‘gaumutra'(cow urine) and cow dung.”

She went on further and stated that a hawan using cow dung can also be performed in China to clean the Chinese air.

She recommended the government of India to try the hawan using cow dung as it can purify area in a five kilometer radius.

She further implied that in old times cow urine along with honey and milk was used to cure a number of ailments.

“Cow urine and cow dung have many medicinal qualities. In ancient times, the saints kept cows in their ashrams and they lived in a thousand years, but how it possible? They had made panchamrit by using cow urine, milk, honey and all their ailments were cured by using it,” he said.

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