Billionaire Australia Which Ranked Hari Singh Nalwa, A Fake Magazine

Via Sukhwinder Singh

Take it with a PINCH of SALT. IT”s not WORTH SHARING.

It feels great to know Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa is praised by none less than a foreign publication BILLIONAIRES AUSTRALIA!! and naturally many Sikhs started sharing the link with pride!

I am always sceptical when it comes to news like: “GURU GRANTH SAHIB at top floor of NASA library”, “SIKHS pay highest Income Tax as a group”, “PAINTING OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI in WHITE HOUSE”, “HARI SINGH NALWA”, Blah Blah. Many of these end up only as: crude photoshop or worthless gossip.


Let’s analyse the HARI SINGH NALWA story doing the rounds these days:
ANSWER: A Media, Marketing and Advertising company called Fortitude Design, based in Sydney, Australia. (information pulled from Whois)

BUT wait!! Lo and Behold!!! the company website is non-functional!!

Does that ring a bell?

No rocket science. This is one of many tools of Internet Marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The website is nothing more than news website which pulls different types of news from internet and displays them: news aggregator is the word. In between, very cleverly, web links of clients are also thrown which helps their businesses rank higher in google and other search engines when someone searches certain key words.

Now our friends at Fortitude Designs also need lots of hits for the website ; so what they do is create some stories which can generate lots of interests and sharing on social media.

Who’ll be the most excited people to read a story?
I know you are smiling now

(I didn’t share the link to the story. Only took out the image and added the title of the story)

Why this post??:
1. 99% of this story is shared among Sikhs only. It will hardly reach other communities as some people might think.
2. If you read the story it’s so much unconvincing. No more than just an opinion of the author
3. No name of author or original publication
4. No empirical data to compare the exploits of all the Generals

Most IMPORTANTLY. It’s an insult to call Hari Singh Nalwa a CONQUEROR. All Conquerors mentioned in the story were murderers and looters who subjected people to utmost cruelty. Sardar Nalwa only reclaimed the lands that invaders had usurped from erstwhile Punjab. HE then proceeded to establish a post at Jamrod which plugged the Khyber Pass to stop invaders for all times. Sardar Nalwa unlike the other conquerors cared for population under his rule and people loved him like a God.

The most abhoring thing is that the article ranks Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa just above Genghis Khan whom it refers to as “Genghis Khan has become synonymous with gruesome and brutal warfare”. The also includes
– Attila the Hun: “plundered and pillaged everything in his path”
– Timur aka Tamerlane: “responsible for the deaths of 17 million people, earning him a barbaric reputation”
– Francisco Pizarro: “brutality in the execution of his opposition’s leaders”

oh yeah!! it’s a little cost to educate people about our Sardar Nalwa

It’s shame that site owners also try to convince readers by sharing video of stunts by Bir Khalsa Dal and call it martial arts. Too much for a good research!!

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