Biggest Media Company Will Televise Ad For Sikhs

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Want to be on TV?

Join Us! Be a Part of a Sikh American PSA on

When the world’s largest media company, Comcast-NBCUniversal, approached SALDEF about producing and distributing a public service announcement for Sikh Americans—basically an ad for our community—we grew increasingly excited about the possibilities. As President Obama said during his first campaign for the White House, “Our destiny is not written for us, but by us.”

Comcast Vice President Johnnie Giles announcing the PSA at the SALDEF National Gala in Washington, DC.

This has never been more true. Telling our story to a mainstream American audience, on national television, is a HISTORIC opportunity.

SALDEF needs YOUR help. The best people to tell OUR story are Sikh Americans like YOU.

Joined together by the values of our faith, and united as Americans, we remain diverse in our interests, talents, abilities, activities and responsibilities. Let’s showcase the many ways we represent and participate in our faith and American life.

With this email we at SALDEF invite you submit video of you — home movies or cell phone video is fine — doing what you love. What you’re good at. What you value. Show yourself driving a motorcycle. Bowling with friends. Volunteering at gurdwara. Volunteering in the community. Working at a bank, running a marathon, feeding a baby, coaching a team, raising a family, riding a horse, jumping out of a plane, driving a cab, driving a Ferrari, or meeting friends for lunch. It can be ordinary, it might be personal, but it should be visually compelling, and help to show the many ways Sikh Americans are unique yet integrated in American life and culture.

Our goal is to use the highlights of your submissions in a video montage within the public service announcement.

For instructions on submitting and releasing your video content (by March 7th, 2014), please click here. Note that each person shown in a video clip must submit a separate release.

Help us tell the story of our Sikh American community — OUR story — to mainstream America as early as this summer. So get creative and get started! Together we will tell an extraordinary story.

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