Bibi Parminder Kaur’s Mind Blowing Interview is a Must Watch

Bibi Parminder Kaur is founder member of World Sikh Council and presently working to sort out the disputes and Sikh issues in North America region. She is former president of Gurdwara, North Carolina.

In this interview, Bibi Parminder Kaur discusses a wide variety of Sikh issues and how the World Sikh Council deals with them. She stated the Akal Takht is very slow in responding to Sikh issues in foreign countries.

Further more, she broke down many key issues such as why there are often clashes in Gurdwara overseas. She stated the main reason is Gurdwara heads are often not Amritdhari GurSikhs and so the level of understanding is not the same. She feels one should at least be a Gur Sikh before becoming a leader of a Gurdwara.

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