Bibi Jagir Kaur in an interview stated there was never a Modi wave in Punjab before the Lok Sabha Elections or after. She went onto say the Akal Dal helped the BJP win in Punjab and both won their seats together.

The statements come after the recent debacle of the BJP in Delhi where the Aam Aadmi Party bagged 67 out of the 70 Legislative Assembly seats sending shock waves withing the opponent parties. The Aadm Aadmi Party was expected to win at most 45 seats according to exit polls but far exceeded the predictions.

Various political leaders have been interviewed after the results were announced by the election commission but none are being more talked about then those of Bibi Jagir Kaur. The other party leaders have been mostly quite and want to analyze what occurred but Bibi Jagir Kaur was open to state that BJP wins due to Akali Dal’s alliance.

The Dhuri constituency elections are ahead in Punjab where Bhagwant Mann won by very strong margin and so the AAP is favored to win the seat.

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