Bibi Baghel Kaur Ji


Bibi Baghel Kaur in Battle against Mughals

Before She became Baghel Kaur, She was a newlywed Hindu Girl who was abducted by Ahmad Shah Abdali’s Soldiers on the way back to her in laws home. The Groom approached various heads of the state but no one cared to help him. He then turned to the Sikhs who lived in the Jungles. During This time Sikhs would attack Abdali’s Carriages and free many captured Hindu Women whenever he¬†would invade India. Sikhs offered him the help and rescued his wife successful, she wanted to commit suicide as she was in terrible condition but the Sikhs encouraged her to live. She then took Khande Di Pahul and became Baghel Kaur and her husband had also taken amrit and became Teja Singh. She became skilled with the sword, vowed to take revenge, and was successful in attacking a patrolling party of the Mughal Soldiers. She was a Sikh Warrior Under Nawab Kapur Singh, who took the challenge of the Mughals of a head to head combat. Nawab Kapur Divided the Khalsa Fauj into groups with Few Hundred Kaurs Joining them along with Bibi Baghel Kaur. When about 50 Mughal Soldiers came to attack Bibi Baghel Kaur and her party, she came forward and cut the Mughal Soldier’s Sword and fought valiantly. Bibi Ji’s group joined the other Sikh groups, she was told by the Sikh Warriors to stay in the Jungles, but she refused and wanted to become Shaheed fighting for the Khalsa Fauj. She then led her group and successfully attacked a camp in lahore where many women were captured, she along with her group saved many of the women in that camp and killed 25 soldiers. She looked to rescue more women and while courageously battling was killed by a Soldier. The next day about 8,000 sikhs attacked the same camp where she became Shaheed and rescued many of the captured women there. Bibi Baghel Kaur is an inspiration to All Women in the world, who after becoming Sikh never lost faith in her Sikhi, fought till the last breath and rescued many captured women.

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