Bhangra at Australian Gurdwara Sparks Outrage

A video has surfaced from an Australian Gurdwara Sahib known as Sikh Mission center in Sidney showing a Bhangra performance on the day of Vaisakhi. The Bhangra was done as part of the Vaisakhi celebrations even though the 1699 establishment of the Khalsa which has nothing to do with Bhangra.

The Gurdwara in Australian is known to prepare and cook langar with shoes and served on tables and chairs. The Gurdwara run by the Sikh Council Australia has paid no attention maryada and has committed sacrilege.

The event drew the local Punjabi community who didn’t object to the disrespect to the Gurdwara institution. Many in the Punjabi community aren’t aware of Sikh way of life and so often follow the ignorant Gurdwara committee.

A person familiar with the event stated, “someone asked for the Vaisakhi seva and requested “Pangtaan” they were told to find another gurdwara as here only tables and chairs can be used.”

It’s a complete disrespect of preparing, cooking, and serving langar with shoes on. The event appeared more of a party than a religious to celebrate the founding of the Khalsa Panth.

Many Sikhs on social media expressed outrage and spoke out against the event and the activities of the Sikh Council Australia.

The current members of the Sikh Council Australia:

Currently there are 22 members of Sikh Council of Australia and the numbers are growing as the community feels the need to unite. This list is in the alphabetical order under each state & territory and not in any other order (such as size of the organisation etc):

State Members
ACT 1. Canberra Sikh Association Inc, Canberra (Gurdwara Sahib, Canberra)
NSW 2. Gurdwara Singh Sabha Society Inc (Yoogali, Griffith)
3. Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Woolgoolga (Gurdwara Sahib, Woolgoolga)
4. Newcastle Sikh Association Inc, Shortland (Gurdwara Sahib, Newcastle)
5. Ramgarhia Wellfare Association of Australia Inc, Blacktown
6. Sikh Association of Sydney Inc, Revesby (Gurdwara Sahib, Revesby)
7. Sikh Cultural & Sports Association Sydney Inc, (SCSAS)
8. Sikh Khalsa Mission Inc, Quakers Hill
9. Sikh Mission Centre Sydney Inc, Austral (Gurdwara Sahib, Austral)
10. Sikh Scouts Australia Inc
11. Sikh Youth Australia Inc
12. Sikh Youth Camps Australia Inc
13. Simran House Minto (Gurdwara Sahib, Minto)
14. Sydney Punjabi Society Inc, West Pennant Hills
15. Waheguru Simran Society Inc
NT None
QLD 16. Brisbane Sikh Temple (Gurdwara Sahib, Brisbane)
SA 17. Riverland Sikh Society Inc, Glossop SA (Gurdwara Sahib, Glossop)
18. Sikh Society of South Australia Inc, Adelaide SA (Gurdwara Sahib, Adelaide)
TAS None
VIC 19. Sikh Naujawan Melbourne
20. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Inc, Keysborough (Gurdwara Sahib, Keysborough)
21. Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha Inc, Blackburn (Gurdwara Sahib, Blackburn)
WA 22. Sikh Association of Western Australia
23. Sikh Gurudwara, Bayswater, Perth’

A brief analysis by Karandeep Singh from Australia gives a perspective of ongoing sacrilege being committed by the Sikh Council Australia:

“Again a case of confused misused principles: Sikh Council of Australia. People ask a lot of questions, expect principled delivery of outcomes but the response is mute…people operating with a rock on their conscience and self promoting to the extreme? Is this sewa?

Although no doubt there are many positives of SCA and their achievement in areas, particularly networking and wider community affiliations (ANZAC Day Parade, Punjabi School curriculum, …) – many members of the community I have spoken to have severe reservations on their activities, ideology, constitution and backing – could their representatives please answer their views on the below: Much appreciated.
So the Sikh kirpan should be banned for school going kids?

Do they agree with alcohol and semi nude belly dancers at Sikh events?

So the Sikh dastaar is cultural not religious? “But he has dealt with the remarks and vilification by explaining that the turban is a cultural tradition for Sikhs and has nothing to do with religion. He tells people that Sikh men do not cut their hair, and the turban is a way of keeping it under control.”

4. Which gurdwaras are your supporters at the national level? How is it national? WE NOW HAVE THE ANSWERS

5. Penalities for poor behaviour, maximum terms, election process and membership for governance?

Bhul chuk maaf ji

Karandeep Singh'”

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