VP Bhangra of the UK symbolically protested during the Indian PM Modi’s event at London’s Wembley Stadium. The group wore black arm bands as a way to protest against the current events in Punjab.

It’s not determined whether the Indians who watch the event took note of the protest but those aware of recent events in Punjab understood the message.

Arm bands and Black Dupatas and Turbans a symbol of protest


VP Bhangra Group Makes a fist and points at the Black Arm Band


However the protest did attract criticism:

Naujawani Sardar 1. Best protest would have been not to show up, as now it will be seen as an endorsement by the Punjabi (bhangra) community here. Thanks(!)
2. If you World’s media panned away from your protest, it didn’t have its intended result, and from 2 hours of canvassing attendees between Wembley Park tube station and the stadium, nobody noticed your protest.
3. A black power salute is not standing united with the people of Punjab. I don’t know what it is actually.

Good intentions maybe, poorly thought-out definitely. Come compete some time – show unity with UK bhangra teams on a Stage. Punjab will appreciate that unity.

Support messages:

Suki Kaur Kamboz Well done for doing the job you were called in to do. (True dedication) And also make a statement to everyone watching live at home at the event etc that no we will not sit back we will take a stand and yes we want answers!

Nikki Jawanda Efforts are well commendable – hats off guys. Actions do speak louder than words

VP Bhangra’s Black Armband Protest by dailysikhupdates

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