A man was seen teaching kids bhangra at Gurdwara Sahib Guru Nanak Foundation at Silver Spring, Maryland while kirtan was being conducted. The incident has sparked an outrage on social media of the Gurdwara committee allowing such an act to take place especially during kirtan.

The Gurdwara Sahib Guru Nanak Foundation at Silver Spring, Maryland is sponsoring an event that is being called “GNFA Baisakhi Dhamaka 2016”. Instead of focusing on Sikhi and teaching Sikhi to young children the Gurdwara Sahib’s committee appears to be focused on what it calls “Cultural Day” for the local Sikh community. The committee appears to have the concepts of Sikhi and Punjabi culture mixed up.

The Gurdwara’s official Facebook Page posted the following flyer:


The official page of the Gurdwara also posted the following message:

“How are the practices going for Annual Cultural Program day?? Hope you are enjoying the friendships being made along with learning some great dance moves!!!! We are looking forward to a great show. Keep it up!!”

Sikhs worldwide expressed disappointment on social networks and some of the following comments were observed:

Pandi Kaur This is every Sikh’s issue and not just the committees. If anyone says anything they are called “extremists.” Sikhs have made bhangra synonymous with Sikhi nowadays and it’s the sangat’s fault. No one is stopping anyone from doing bhangra, but on Gurdwara’s property during kirtan? Then people will say, “well God is everywhere.” What was it that Massa Ranghar did at Darbar Sahib, and why was he given justice by Bhai Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh? We must convince ourselves that this is wrong.”

Jaiveer Singh Pahwa I do bhangra too and i know the correct platform. Na sikhan waleya nu akal na maa peyo nu and then we proud to be a sikh wow poor jerks at their best”

Rajinder Kaur Garcha-Singh You can do Bhangra on dirty songs not on Gurbani. It is a shame. We can listen and meditate and dance on Gurbani and can exercise while listening Gurbani. Are they disrespectful ? We should live Gurbani with all and utmost respect. Please forgive me. We cook , drive , and sing wedding songs while Gurbani is recited. Let kids love, listen and live Gurbani any time “

“bShame on the people who do Bhangra in gurudwara and their parents who give permission to do Bhangra in gurudwara shameful parents this is the insult of gurudwara who do this”

Dalwinder Singh Pretty sure these guys can find another place to prac, and confusing religion w culture, they r parallel to each other but can never overlap…hopefully this changes in a peaceful manner”

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