A video posted on social networks shows Bhangra being performed inside the Austral Gurdwara Sahib in Sydney Australia. Several vulgar songs can be heard being played in the background inside the Gurdwara Sahib’s property. One of the songs appears to be “Morni” while another speaks about “Jatts.”

According to a source, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Parkash was only 10M from where the Bhangra was being performed. The organizers called it a “Cultural Event” while others stated it was a violation of Sikh Code of Conduct. The act has reminded many Sikhs of what Massa Rangar did inside Sri Harmandir Sahib by allowing dance on vulgar songs.

The Bhangra on the vulgar songs was done on Gurdwara premises. The argument by the Gurdwara head is that the “cultural program” was done outside of the Gurdwarw building. However, the Nishan Sahib which is outside, signifies the entire property to be under Sikh principles and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

In a leaked email, the Secretary of the National Sikh Council of Australia Bawa Singh Jagdev targets innocent Singh and media house. A video posted by Amar Singh went viral on social networks showing Bhangra being done as part of the Vaisakhi celebrations at the Austral Gurdwara Sahib in Australia.

The bhangra at the Gurdwara Sahib resulted in outrage on social media and many called for Bawa Singh Jagdev to apologise. Recently, Bawa Singh Jagdev outraged the Sikh community by telling the largest newspaper in Sydney that the turban is a cultural “thing” and that it has nothing to do with the Sikh religion.

Bawa Singh Jagdev threatened to take legal action and file defamation cases against Amar Singh who vowed to peacefully protest for his resignation.

Amar Singh’s video highlighted the dilution of the Sikh tradition due to the mixture with Punjabi culture. Bawa Singh Jagdev has completely violated the Sikh Code of Conduct and could have to face the highest authority of Sikhs, Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The Sikh Code of Conduct prohibits preparing, serving, and eating langar with shoes on. The opposite gets done at the Austral Gurdwara where not only shoes are worn but langar is eaten on tables and chairs which is strictly against orders of the Akal Takht.

Video by Amar Singh: 

The letter reveals that the Secretary labels those wearing kirpans, turbans, and pangat in langar to be followers of Sant Babas and Derawalas questioning its importance because he believes there is no “documentary evidence from Guru Granth Sahib”. He ignored blatantly the Sikh Rehat Maryada and Code of Conduct which is followed by all Sikhs worldwide.

The shocking thing is that while Amar Singh was targeted a person close to Bawa Singh Jagdev posted the full video of the Bhangra performance.

So Bawa Singh Jagdev is outraged over the Bhangra videos posted online but even the local politician who visited the Gurdwara posted the following pictures on social network:

In a media article, Bawa Singh Jagdev stated that the kirpan shouldn’t worn by Sikh kids in school and so he completely disrespected the concept of Amrit.

Towards the end of the email, he writes, “Executive had asked me to file a defamation suit against Radio “ Quami AwaZ” and it has been already been initiated, but this person has stepped on a wrong foot.”

Bawa Singh Jagdev proves that he is completely against free media and their right to ask him questions freely. It also shows that he has zero respect for the larger Sikh community of Australia.

The Following are the leaked emails:

Dear members,

Please find attached my challenge to these so called Custodians and owners of the Sikh faith, remembering that by shaving a man’s head, giving him a new name and wrapping him in different clothes won’t change his persona. A skink will smell the same by any other name.

With Kind Regards

Bawa Singh Jagdev OAM
“For and on behalf of the National Sikh Council of Australia

Dear members, I am not on the Face book but most of you perhaps are I am told that someone called Amar Singh has put the video of the Bhangra, which was performed on 17th April 2016 at Austral during Vaisakhi celebration, on his face book He has put a number of untrue and false comments about me and you must have seen them. I am going to dig deep into the past life history of this person as to what sort of saintly person he is, as to why he has put untrue and false allegations against me. I have spread my feelers but I need your help if you have any information about his past activities, as

am told that there are many, and if he is the same person, I will appreciate. Ever since he has put the videos on his face book many people and parents of the girls who performed Bhangra have contacted me. Some of the girls were under age and an angry parent who after consulting his solicitor told me that, to photograph a person without his/her permission is illegal and against the law in this country and he can lodge a defamatory case against the person who had put the pictures and video on his Face Book as the video has gone all over the world . The person who has put the video on his Face book had no authority to take the video or put it on his Face Book , as the Organisers of Vaisakhi had hired its own photographer. I have accordingly informed the Executive , about the complaint by the parents. The Executive is meeting on Sunday to discuss handing over the issue to their solicitor to file a defamation case against the owner of the Face Book. We know that as soon as he gets this email he will delete the video which can be traced back from the Face book and some people have rang me to tell that they have saved copies of the video and the screen shots.Many concerned people have rang and emailed to me that all those untrue remarks about myself and my views about Sikhism, are of those who have been misguided and brain washed by the fundamentalists . They know nothing about Sikhism or what is written in S.G.Granth Sahib and have been fed wrong meanings of Gurubani by Sant Baba’s and Dherawalas who mesmerise youngsters by telling telltale stories about our Gurus and their own warped interpretation of Gurubani and Sikh Culture which suits them well to fool the gullible to pilfer their life savings. Most of the remarks are untrue and defamatory and I have asked my attorney to look into them if there is any remark on which I can take a legal action. Executive had asked me to file a defamation suit against Radio “ Quami AwaZ” and it has been already been initiated, but this person has stepped on a wrong foot. A final note to all those who think that they are the custodians of the Sikh religion and agent of God, that what I have said about Turban, Kirpan or the age at which a person should be initiated or sitting on the floor to partake Langer are contrary to the Sikh religion. As I don’t believe in herd mentality it is my open challenge to him/them that either they put up or shut up, as I am willing to discuss these issue ,—- ON ONE TO ONE BASIS, MAN TO MAN AS A PERSON anywhere and at any time suitable to me with a proviso that if he/they could not prove that what I have said was wrong on the basis of documentary evidence from Guru Granth Sahib, not from any book/s by Sant Babas or Dehrawalas as some Sants claim that they can make Gold, which is not true because Gold is an element and cannot be made by any physical or chemical process or by reciting Gurubani on copper, then he will have to change his appearance like me and if he did then I will change.

Bawa Singh Jagdev


Bawa Singh Jagdev, secretary of the council, told IANS, “Kirpans should not be allowed at schools at all. The wearer or the initiate must understand its (kirpan’s) significance, utility and consequences if used for any purpose other than what it is meant for. Now the question of student wearing this kirpan in the school, does he understand the significance or its utility?”

“The council is of the view that although it’s an article of the Sikh faith and if some family wants his 10 or 12 year old to be initiated, they can leave the kirpan at home and go to school, come back and wear it. The reason being it can be harmful to the wearer. Suppose two or three boys get together and remove his kirpan, they can harm him,” he adds.

from: NRIInternet

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