A few days ago, UK Gurdwara Sahib allowed Bhangra to be done on the premises during a Sikh wedding. We will look at why such an act isn’t allowed.

This is why isn’t allowed:

Interesting Bhangra at the Gurdwara. Might as well forget the Anand Karaj. Might as well go straight to reception. Why waste time. You’d get more respect for being real than dancing at the Gurdwara.

There was a time in history whereby the mughals took command of Harmandir Sahib, the commanders name was Massa Ranghar, he was the most active in destroying Sikh families lives.The Harmandir Sahib was turned into a place for debauchery with nauch (dance) girls being housed their for Massa Ranghar entertainment.

The use of Naquills (water pipes) was by then a daily practice for Moslems, so the odor and smoke of tobacco, and alcohol was smelt everywhere even in the rooms where Guru Granth Sahib Ji had been for many years. And what would a Sikh do when there is disrespect in a Guru ghar, Sikhs would stand up as Bhai Mehtab Singh and Bhai Sukha Singh of the village Mardi Kambo ki offered to go to Amritsar to deal with Massa Rangha.

Bhai Mehtab Singh, a brave, strong minded and stout bodied young man, like the sting of some deadly dessert scorpion. He bolted up at once, took his sword and said:

“I shall go and cut off Massa’s head with this sword, and bring it here!” And guess what he did. It’s because of strong disciplined Sikhs such as Mehtab Singh and Sukha Singh we can be proud to be Sikhs!

we seem to forget that and now when anyone stands up to injustice they are very easily labelled an “extremist”, for some people dancing is just having bit of fun thats fine but not in a gurdwara thats Gods home i’m sure our Gurus didn’t dance to a dhol in congregation with sangat.

We have to watch our actions as if there is a less educated Sikh or a non sikh present they will assume thats what you do at a Gurdwara, so what if they started dancing inside the darbar to the kirtan or the langar hall how we going to tell them we can’t its not how things are here, when we ourselves are doing it at a Gurdwrara? lets all just think about our behaviour in a gurdwara the young and old.

This incident occurred at a Gurdwara Sahib in the UK

Via Sikh Youth London

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