In an interview with Sikh Channel, Bhai Satnam Singh of the Akal Takht Sahib’s Panj Piyare said, “7 of my family members were killed Inspector Ajit Sandhu.” Reportedly, Ajit Sandhu committed suicide by jumping in front of an incoming train. However, human rights organizations say Ajit Sandhu is still alive.

Bhai Satnam Singh of the Akal Takht’s Panj Piyare announced the Hukamnama expelling the 5 Takht Jatehdars and dissolving the SGPC. However, SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar invited controversy after suspending the Panj Piyare and hurting Sikh sentiments worldwide.

The Panj Piyare of the Akal Takht have gained tremendous respect after their historic decision.

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