“Gurbani Kirtan was taking place in a courtyard of a house. The weather was pleasant, kirtan was melodious and everyone was feeling a pull towards Guru Sahib whilst singing along. In time, heavy rain clouds gathered above as far as one can could see.


At seeing the clouds, the sangat was worried about rain falling where this blissful kirtan was being sung. Nobody wanted the kirtan to stop. Raindrops started to spit. Bhai Randhir Singh Ji was doing kirtan at that time.

He put his hand up towards the clouds and sang a ‘tuk’ – “Es meghai hath kichh nahi” – “Sit calmly these clouds don’t control our destiny”. This had an amazing effect on everyone. Kirtan continued in further ChardiKala everybody was enraptured for hours. After the Bhog, everyone was stunned to note that it had rained quite heavily all around, except where sangat had been sitting, as if protected by a giant bubble….”

Via Sikh Youth Federation UK

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