Bhai Panthpreet Explains the Importance of Nanakshahi Calendar (Video)

Bhai Panthpreet Explains the importance of Bhai Nanakshahi Calendar makes sense.
The following are excerpts from the in depth research paper by the creator of the Nanakshahi Calendar Mr. Purewal.

Nanakshahi Calendar
We have given up the Bikrami calendar for the following reasons:
1. Its months do not have a permanent relationship with the seasons as mentioned in Gurbani.
2. We should have our own calendar. A calendar is a part of the identity of a Nation.
The Bahai faith is the newest faith, being about 200 years old. Its followers gave up on the
Hijri calendar and have their own calendar which is based on tropical year length and has permanent
correspondence with the Common Era calendar. All major religions of the world have their own
calendar. A calendar is an important part of the identity of a Nation.
The following quotation from ‘Mapping Time’ says it all:
“Today each of the major religions has its own calendar which is used to programme its religious
ceremonies, and it is almost as true to say that each calendar has its religion. The Christians, the
Moslems, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Jains, the Hindus, the Zoroastrians, and, more recently, the
adherents of Bahai, all have their calendars.”
-Richards, E.G., Mapping Time, p.6

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