Bhai Mohinder Singh spoke at the United Nations on the potential for religion in building bridges for tolerance.

(3rd meeting) Promoting Toleranceand Reconciliation: The Potential for Religion inBuilding Bridges of Tolerance and Reconciliation – General Assembly, High-level thematic debate

“Brothers and sisters, allow me to begin with the Sikh greeting: Wahiguru ji ka Khalsa Wahiguru ji ki Fateh

At the outset I would like to gratefully thank the president of the general assembly, the UN secretary general, and the UN high representative of alliance of civilizations for convening this historical meeting, bringing religious leaders to the UN to join forces to overcome violent extremism.

Religion in the contemporary world seems to be merely tolerated by a large segment of humanity. It’s dignity and honor needs to be genuinely restored and lovingly re-established. Religion is a useful resource that can provide unique solutions to the vary heart of questions that we are addressing at this high level thematic debate.

Apathy towards others is unacceptable, just as intolerance unquestionably is demeaning. The Divine does not merely tolerate us, because Divine Love is unconditional.

Tolerance and acceptance hitherto advoacted and practiced needs to be elevated to a higher bar of respect, love and even sacrifice.

Reconciliation necessitates bringing conflicting sides together to enter into genuine dialogue to build respect and acceptance. Reconciliation is inextricably linked to compassion and forgiveness for ensuring sustainable peace.

Religious communities are often at the forefront of enacting forms non-violence and are a vital resource.”

Watch the video below to hear the rest of his speech. It starts at minute 26.
Bhai Sahib speaks at minute 26

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