Who is your Guru? 48 mins – 4 Muslims debate a Sikh – Basics of Sikhi team went to Hyde Park Speakers Corner in London. We got questioned about Who is our Guru, what is his nature, Why did he come to Punjab, what is heaven? The team has done incredible work throughout the world to spread the message of Sikhi.

Bhai Jagraj responds to questions by 4 Muslim man. The Muslim men refused to accept the Sikh beliefs and weren’t willing to agree to disagree. The men kept asking the same question and despite getting the answer weren’t satisfied because they didn’t agree.

The Basics of Sikhi team has done work in all major countries an continues to grow due to support by sangat and it’s essential for future awareness of Sikhs in English. www.basicsofsikhi.com/donate

The Intro

The Shabad in the Intro is by Simran Jeet Kaur from Ambala and the Vaheguru Simran in the Outro is how Sikhs chant Gods name. You can download both for free from www.bit.ly/basicsofsikhi – Resources Simran MP3.

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