Bhai Harinder Speaks out Against Misconception of ‘Rakhri’

ARE RAKHRIYA FOR SIKHS? Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK | August 2015

It has become a common misconception within Sikhs that ‘Rakhri’ is a part of our culture and faith. ‘Rakhriya’, also known as ‘Raksha Bandan’, is an Indian practice in which a sister will tie a ‘Rakhri’ on her brother in order to symbolise a relationship where the male brother is seen as the protector of the female sister.

In the following clip, Bhai Harinder Singh explains how this practice celebrated by those of the Hindu faith has no significance within Gurmat, where the emphasis is on equality of men and women.

Bhai Harinder Singh also gives examples from Sikh history, in which Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj blessed women with the right to practice martial arts such as Gatka in order to defend themselves, instead of relying on male figures.

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