Bhai Harcharan Singh Speaks Out on Boy Made to Take Off Five Ks

A boy known as ‘Mukh Mantri’ had his Five Ks removed by his village’s Gurdwara Committee due to a song containing explicit words of Punjabi. Social media spoke against the act by the Gurdwara committee as the boy wasn’t presented in front of the Panj Piyare and a due process did not occur.

Bhai Harcharan Singh stated that the boy wasn’t presented in front of the Panj Piyare and the people who removed the Five Ks had no rights to do such an act. Bhai Harcharan Singh went onto say that the boy was counseled and he apologized to the sangat very genuinely.

Bhai Harcharan Singh further stated that the boy was humiliated and despite an apology he was forced to take off his Five Ks. Bhai Sahib said the act by the Gurdwara Committee or those involved wasn’t necessary and they had no right to enforce the act.

A boy known as Dhamak Base ‘Mukh Mantri’ was stripped of his Five Ks by the local Gurdwara committee. The boy’s song’s which included Punjabi swear words weren’t appreciated by the local body of his village.

The song below caused the outrage which was very widely shared:

People approached the boy and after coming under pressure he apologized and pledged to not make such videos.

However, many people on social media have expressed outrage that his Five Ks were removed by the committee over a song. They questioned the practices of the SGPC and other political figures who’ve done much worse and end up doing sewa at Gurdwaras yet never stripped of Five Ks.

The public on social media were in support of the boy as they felt he should just be given punishment of sewa like the rest of the people who’ve broken religious protocols.

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