Bhai Gurbaksh Suffering With Extreme Acid in Stomach, Risk of Bleeding

The recent comments by Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa point towards a very high acid build up in his stomach.  One can’t imagine the pain and suffering Bhai Gurbaksh is facing right now. The acid eats walls of the stomach which then can cause ulcers to occur. Bhai Gurbaksh stated “Mere Andar Bhatti Baldi Hai”, he trying to say “I’m having extreme acid reflux” and symptoms of heartburn. The acid can be controlled through a number of ways but due to not eating food there aren’t any other options, unless Bhai Gurbaksh drinks apple cider vinegar. The consequences of  the high acid build up could lead to bleeding in the stomach.

Below Via Aston Sikhs
Khalsa Ji, It is becoming harder everyday for Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa ji to bear the pain of Acid/Poison in his Abdomen. Bhai sahib says “Mere andar Bhatthi baldi hai”, that it feels like a furnace in his stomach. It is hard for any of us to imagine the pain and suffering he is going through. At this stage, Death seems as a less painful option.
However, he is still fighting, hoping for Bandi singhs to come out of jails. He fills whole panth with a new enthusiasm everyday. He talks to sangat, meets visitors, answers questions, suffers the pain and thanks Akaal Purakh waheguru for the sewa he has been given.
Despite of all the support, protests and demonstrations around the world, it seems like the Government is waiting for bhai sahib’s Shaheedi.
Lets double up our efforts and numbers and raise our voice again. Sikh Panth has all the power to win this peaceful battle against Injustice and together we will save Bhai sahib and get our brothers out of Jails.
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