*VULGAR PUNJABI SONGS – LYRICISTS – DO NOT WRITE FILTH**…inner filth of the lyricist through his pen, to the voice of the singer, through the parties, to the minds of the youth, to the pollution in society… =

Evil actions are created from within the mind. The mind is continuously influenced by what it is being fed through society. Almost always played in the so-called parties, vulgar Punjabi songs with lyrics that promote alcohol, drugs, immorality and vices are never going to permit the configuration of inner peace.

Dhha(n)n S Kaagadh Kalam Dhha(n)n Dhhan Bhaa(n)ddaa Dhhan Mas ||
Blessed is the paper, blessed is the pen, blessed is the inkwell, and blessed is the ink.

Dhhan Laekhaaree Naanakaa Jin Naam Likhaaeiaa Sach ||1||
Blessed is the writer, O Nanak, who writes the True Name. ||1||

A virtuous writer who promotes the truth is revered. But in contrast, what does Guru Sahib Ji say about those writers who promote filth which takes one away from the truth, away from virtuous thinking?…

Kalam Jalo San Masavaaneeai Kaagadh Bhee Jal Jaao ||
Burn the pen, and burn the ink; burn the paper as well.

Likhan Vaalaa Jal Balo Jin Likhiaa Dhoojaa Bhaao ||
Burn the writer who writes in the love of duality.

What can be said about those lyricists who write vulgar songs for the singers? When such people say they “serve” the community, such service is only real if they are providing the community with virtuous thinking. Lyrics that promote alcohol, drugs, immorality and vices are not a service to the community. These lyricists write filth and the singers sing that filth. The Punjabi community listens to and dances to the filth.

Whilst dancing on stage, a female orchestra dancer was shot dead in Bathinda on 3 December 2016 during a wedding party. A disturbing recording of the incident subsequently went viral. Naturally, it caused upset to all. However, did anyone probe the songs being played during the incident at the party?

What is being fed into the minds of the people who eventually make the decisions to carry out such evil actions?

The contents of the writing will determine if the lyricist is moral or immoral. Much of the community promotes the immoral lyrics written by those who are immoral lyricists. Then those singers who sing these lyrics are being promoted, and then we promote the parties where the immoral music is played – why are we not looking at the root causes that lead to incidents like that in Bathinda?

From within the mind of the lyricist comes out his inner filth which is expressed through his pen. That filth is then instilled into the mind of the singer. The singer then sings the filth and through his voice the minds of countless youth get polluted. When such filth goes inside the minds of the masses, then that eventually leads to immoral thinking and immoral actions in society. There can be no denial that the filth from a lyricist’s pen, subconsciously entering the mind through the voice of the singer, can end up in real actions – immoral and dangerous actions.

When a singer releases a song about (misuse of) weapons, boasting how he will use a revolver to do this and that for so and so, why do we not raise our voice? A writer wrote filth and we gave it value. The singer sings the filth and we bought it. Our sisters and daughters were encouraged to dance to it. The Punjabi community spends large amounts of money to organise performances and to attend concerts, masses of money is spent in promoting this filth at the weddings.

Unintentionally, we are playing a direct role in corrupting the psyche of society when we listen to and dance to these vulgar songs.

Only if we change ourselves will the society itself change. If we become wise, will any singer have the nerve to stand on stage and sing any immoral song that corrupts the mentality of the youth? If we question who writes the vulgar lyrics and then who sings them, these people will consequentially also change.

From Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s pen came the truth and millions of people were saved, millions of minds were purified. From the modern day Punjabi lyricist comes filth and millions of people are corrupted, millions of minds are polluted. Who knows where this filth will end up and in what actions it will eventually manifest.

To the lyricist – if the Creator Lord has given you the brain and the pen, then write virtuously and for the betterment of society!


Learn more in the following clip of Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale, taken from the 6 December 2016 Diwaan that took place in Mullowal near Dhuri. Every song writer lyricist must watch this clip from start to finish. The promotion of filthy lyrics to pollute the mind must stop. Lyricists and singers alike must understand the consequences of their actions, and the Punjabi community should not be embracing the modern-day filth being written and then sung. The entire system is in need of mass change.

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