27 January 2017, Malerkotla – Making his position on the upcoming Punjab Election crystal clear, Panthic Parcharak Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale stated that he has not and will not voice an opinion to the people on supporting any particular political party. However, he said he will certainly advise them to exercise their democratic right to vote by listening to their inner conscience very carefully.

Speaking at the Village Manvi Diwaan near Malerkotla on 25 January 2017, the advice statement by Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa echoes his previous statements on the matter. The 2017 Punjab Legislative Assembly Election is due to take place in the state next week on 4 February 2017 and results will be declared later in March.

“If you are able to make every other decision in life and in family independently, then similarly you must also listen to your conscience carefully when you exercise your right to vote”, he said.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa has not shied away from openly speaking against wrongdoings in recent years and he has clarified that no matter who comes into power next, if they do wrong then he will continue to speak like he has been speaking before, without exception.

“No matter who it is, if there is wrongdoing then we will hold those in power to account.”

Each individual Punjabi should listen to their inner voice at the time of voting and make a conscience based decision. The people of Punjab should vote on their own accord but, in due course, be prepared to hold those to account who should fail to fulfil their pre-election promises.

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