On 12 August 2017, Punjabi singer ‘Kanwar Grewal’ conducted a live performance in front of ‘Sauda Saadh Gurmeet Raam Raheem’ of Sirsa, and thousands of followers of the so-called “Dera Sacha Sauda”. The decision to accept such a booking was irresponsible.

Kanwar Grewal recently released a song labelled ‘Zameer’ and from that song it seemed as though this singer was beginning to change for the better. Further, he had got married during the ‘Amrit Vela’ early hours of the morning, he had grown an uncut beard, spoken on the topic of the so-called “Mast” men who he had previously been singing about – all this was pointing towards hope. There were indications that he was slowly changing himself, that he would walk towards Gurmat and, with some luck, hopefully begin speaking against the false self-proclaimed “Godmen” and the false practises in society. However, all such hope was shattered when news emerged he would be performing at ‘Dera Sirsa’.

In his defence, his fans will claim that he chanted ‘Waheguru’ in front of the Sauda Saadh, but these false “Godmen” already use ‘Waheguru’ and Gurbani as a means to attract followers. Even the ‘Radhasoami Beas Baba’ misuses Gurbani to fool naïve people.

Doing, “Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru….” at their Dera will not suddenly change the “Premi” following. This is simply a justification and a means to fool both the Sauda Saadh followers as well as the Sikhs, to please both sides. It is ironic the Sauda Saadh management understood the “double-role” at play and they cut his performance short, but it is disheartening to note that Sikhs have not developed a sharp enough mind to decipher how we are continuously fooled.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale said, “If this singer apologies and becomes our brother, begins to speak about Gurmat, promises not to go to these false self-proclaimed ‘Godmen’ in future, then we will honour him.”

“For a few days they had been calling me, requesting to meet me, but after what has transpired last night, there is no need for me to meet such people and they can go there now – in any event, there is no need to meet people like me, they should instead become loyal servants of Guru Ji’s ways.”

“Of course, we will even happily touch their feet if they begin singing Gurmat, we will openly support them within hundreds of thousands of people if they begin singing only that which is in line with Gurmat.”

A lot of the Punjabi youth look at these singers as role models. The singers must exercise their position very responsibly.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, “These singers will have many fans and no doubt those fans may not like the fact I am saying this, but so be it – I have already stated recently that I will begin giving my opinion openly on all current issues so that we are not continuously taken for fools, no matter what the personal consequences.”
We should listen to the voice of our conscience.
Watch the following clip of Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale, taken from the Parmeshar Dwar Sunday Diwaan which took place on 13 August 2017.

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