Bhai Baldev Singh made aware Sikh Sangat about anti-gurmat activities which were to take place at the 2nd day of Delhi Fateh Diwas. The planned activities were sufi singing and bhangra performances.

Bhai Baldev Singh says he approached the Delhi Committee to cancel the activities and to concentrate on Dhadi vaars and gatka performances instead.

He highlighted that massive wars weren’t won by Sikhs through Sufi Singing but put fearlessness inside Sikhs through dhadi Vaars and Bhangra did cause Sikhs to fight the enemy ten times larger then them but Gatka skills.

Bhai Baldev reiterated the valor of Sikhs which freed India from Mughal and British rule.

Here is the video: The speech starts at Minute 14:00 and due to listen to the last 5 minutes of the video also.

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