1. Congress boycotts Khadoor Sahib Assembly by poll. Captain Amarinder Singh says no point of contesting elections as no action taken in sacrilege issues

2. Last day of Khadoor Sahib Nomination filing sees a number of candidates

3. 12 farmer unions dismiss protests in Raike Kalan of Bathinda on assurance of meeting with CM Badal

Bhai Baldeep Singh will be running as an independent candidate for the by-poll of the Khadoor Sahib Assembly seat in Punjab on February 13, 2016. Bhai Baldeep Singh will go against the re-nominated Ramanjit Singh Sikki and Akali Dal candidate Ravinder Singh Bramhapura.

Ramanjit Singh Sikki was the elected MLA of the Akali Dal who resigned following the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji across Punjab a few months ago.

Here are five reasons why Baldeep Singh will win:

1) Known name in the Khadoor Sahib constituency

Bhai Baldeep Singh campaigned aggressively during the most recent Lok Sabha elections and received 144,521 votes placing 3rd overall.

2) Alternative to Akali Dal and Congress

Bhai Baldeep Singh is the candidate for those voters seeking change from the same old Akali Dal and Congress politics.

3) Clean Record

Bhai Baldeep Singh has by far the cleanest record of any candidate.

4) AAP Voter Gain

Recent Punjab polls by various agencies has shown that if Assembly elections were held today, the Aam Aadmi Party would form the government. This hints that the constituency has increased it’s percentage of AAP voters that are likely to vote for Bhai Baldeep Singh. Although, Bhai Sahib isn’t representing the AAP, many voters will still cast their vote for him.

5) Learned GurSikh

Bhai Baldeep Singh’s extensive knowledge of Gurmat Sangeet and tremendous contribution of community service will attract a decent amount of voters.

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