Bhai Baldeep Singh explains that any GurSikh Khalsa can call Sarbat Khalsa if he/she feels it’s important for GurSikhs to gather to resolve any issue affecting the Khalsa Panth. He stated that given today’s situation it’s important such an institution is called to resolve pending issues.

Sarbat Khalsa!
Some Sikhs are questioning the call for Sarbat Khalsa to be held on November 10, 2015, by a particular person affiliated to a particular party.

Sarbat Khalsa is an institution given to us by the Gurus – a few amongst the Khalsa may be corruptible but not Sarbat, or all (put together)! It is time we not only made an attempt to rediscover this lost institution (Sarbat Khalsa) but to also strengthen it. Sarbat Khalsa gives the power of a call or even recall to even an individual Gur-Sikh or a member of the Khalsa Order. Any Sikh institution may also call for the Sarbat Khalsa to congregate.

In the recent decades, “Sarbat Khalsa” meetings have been orchestrated and decisions premeditated. It is to be noted that proposals can be brought about and drafted by respective individuals on their own or by a collective (of individuals or organisations) but these must all be presented at the feet of the Sarbat Khalsa for due consideration and deliberations. Only thereafter, decisions may be taken; actions plans drafted with executive committees formed to ensure timely summations and submissions. It may also be noted that, as in the past centuries when the Gur Khalsa institutions were yet sovereign, there were no (auto-imposed) time constraints and, deliberations would continue for hours and days before decisions were taken, unanimously (which is another one of the lost virtues endowed upon us by the Gurus themselves – with Sarb-Sammati, that is). by Bhai Baldeep Singh

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