Bhai Baldeep Singh the renowned conservationist of Sikh Heritage is back in the AAP party. A news media reported cited that due to certain misunderstandings in 2014 he did not actively campaign as part of the party but now has come back. Bhai Baldeep questioned in his recent tweets on whether he was still suspended or the letter given to him was fabricated.

Bhai Baldeep Singh made several tweets:

“Rejoined @AamAadmiParty —When did I leave? I ask of others to adhere to highest of norms – team & organisational ethics, my gesture is 1 eg.”

“I’ve fought for:
1 Punjabis to build their party
2 Punjabi leaders, volunteers & donors won’t be Class 2-3-4 employees
3 No puppet leaders.”

“People, I still am a suspended member of @AamAadmiParty —as I told @dilipkpandey in Dec, I still don’t know if that notice was real or fake!”

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