Bhai Baldeep Says Film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ “movie is very misleading”

Nanak Shah Fakir Film review by Bhai Baldeep Singh

Movie – Nanak Shah Fakir (Hindi)
Historically this movie is very misleading – it is based on a very shoddy research. I do not doubt the intent of the producer but then being a devout (Sikh) doesn’t mean one can get away with a poor understanding and ill handling of events based on reality.

One cannot legitimise historical inaccuracies that too with the life story of someone as Guru Baba Nanak himself.

Reaction as I watched the film: Dark complexion hand is shown in the very beginning; Guru Nanak’s voice is an issue; Mardana is uninspiring; Mardana’s first meeting – the producer, who is also the dialogue writer, needs to check historicity; Costumes and sets are nice; Modi-Khana – Guru Nanak actually leaves the job immediately after the investigation but in the film he is still shown as employed at the time of him taking the long dip; River Bein dip historicity not proper (again)! – his return isn’t shown properly; Namaz story also told inaccurately for the Nawab invited the Guru to offer Namaz and after he lost out, the Qazi was summoned to lead the Namaz; Naam khumari event happened with Babar and not with Daulat Khan; Malik Bhaggo story also is totally inaccurate; tabla accompanied with Nirmal Singh Ragi; The film has no impact and will not attract the youth; The casting is not impressive save a few performances – very uninspired people; Aarti is not in Dhanasri – R m P pattern in ascendency is strange; Make up of Mehta Kalu was poor – beard, plastic skin was detached; I liked the work of the actor who played the role of Rai Bular; Film is boring and too laid back; Baba Nanak costume – turban is not convincing; “Humm aap ke Sikh haiN Nanak Ji!” is so off; Mardana did not die in Kartarpur.
Good but a wasted effort, the film adds to the noise in the field and does not resolve or tell us anything. The film ending is very poor.

Watch it if you can if you only have time to spare. You won’t gain anything if you watched nor will you lose anything if you didn’t.
My Rating: ½/5 only for the fact that it might make you shed a tear or two by way of a reminder not that the film has anything to offer.

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