Bhagwant Mann’s Sting Operation Against Traffic Officer (Video)

Aam Aamdi Party leader and MP from Sangrur conducted his own sting operation in Mansa today to catch a traffic constable red handed for demanding and accepting bribes.

Bhagwant Mann was approached by a villager of his (Mewa Singh) who told him that he is being harassed for bribes by traffic police and is being intimidated into giving them bribes. Bhagwant Mann then gave the man marked 100 rs notes to give the traffic constable in order to catch him red handed with proof. Bhagwant Mann questioned the police officer and why he took the Bribe.

Then on Sunday as Bhagwant Mann was was accompanied by Mewa Singh en-route to a rally in Jhunir to address. Bhagwant Mann asked Mewa Singh to approach the constable, Dharampal Singh who was on duty at the time to give the promised bribe.

As Mewa Singh handed over the money, Bhagwant Mann exited from the car and enquired about the issue before informing senior officials and demanding strict action against the accused.

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