TIMES NOW DEBATE ON BARGARI SACRILEGE: Manjit GK,Bhagwant Mann,Bhai Baldeep Singh and Sukhpal Khaira :An intense debate took place on the Times Now Newshour where Manjit Singh GK took all other panelists including Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Bhagwant Mann, and Bhai Baldeep Singh.
Bhai Baldeep Singh writes on his facebook :

My notes as shared on ‪#‎TimesNow‬ last night:

Merely 5 days after I called for the 2nd Gurdwara Reforms Movement, On August 4, 2015, a fatal attempt was made at murdering the one and only and the most important attempt by Anad Foundation at conserving Punjab’s cultural traditions and at ushering in an era of Punjab’s cultural resurgence and renaissance. Several heritage relics with extreme historic value, sacred manuscripts were desecrated and they are still languishing at the Qila Sarai, Sultanpur Lodhi, Punjab. The reason —the SHO says, in his reply our RTI application, that subsequent to Dina Nagar attacks they had some intelligence reports which fear Anad Foundation and its project of setting up a conservatory at the historic Qila is a national security threat!

Now, these two newer concoction saying that ISI and some Khalistan Commando Force is responsible, and two, Punjab Pradesh Congress & AAP alleging that SAD (B) is trying to divert the attention from farmers agitation!
—What if these so called ISI agents may actually be Indian agents enjoying their Biryani in Pakistan? What if a foreign hand is indeed true —the “foreign hand” that lives in Delhi? All of these alleged recordings and reports seem to be concocted and aimed at diverting attention (from Dadri and its aftermath).
Claiming a foreign hand is a joke and a petty attempt at absolving themselves of all responsibility! According to me, this is all a part of “Make In India” project!

I think even Akali Dal is being back-stabbed —BJP and RSS hand needs to be investigated to see whether they are creating this burning theatre (instead) to escape the repercussions of the Dadri incident that had threatened to snowball the country and even perhaps burn the whole country, and additionally, as part of their 2017 election strategy? I think the RSS/BJP strategists have successfully diverted the attention from the alleged cow-slaughter/cow-worship incident/debate by burning a few Sikh houses —for Sikh houses are fewer in number as compared to the Muslim houses is what these war/civil-unrest mongers seem to have gambled upon.

The insignificance of SGPC and other Sikh institutions in the manner they function and their deficit – intellectual, political, strategic, tactical understanding – all stands exposed.

Akali Dal’s claims that they no hand in police firing nor any knowledge about who actually gave orders to fire on unarmed Sikhs meditating at the Dharna frames them in very poor light —meaning either they have no control on the Punjab Police or their hands are covered with the so gruesomely shed innocent blood.

Akali Dal has not done anything to improve in Punjab —look at its debt, its education institutions, hospitals, infrastructure, police and civil administrations respectively, the state of its farming community, ecology, industry, and so on. What governance? They only use the state’s administrative paraphernalia to serve their personal and political interests. This is a Akali Dal (Badal) government for the Akali Dal (Badal) supporters only —its catering to BJP’s interests in the state is only serving its own ends vis-à-vis share of the loot of national coffers as well as Punjab’s.

Akali Dal Government —the State is merely acting as a reactionary —in retrospect. This shows the have no grasp of the situation and are merely scrambling for cover and looking for scapegoats!

All of this needs to be investigated, yes, but by who?

Congress outrightly rejects and trashes the utterly false, concocted and blatantly false claims of the Punjab police in resolving the sacrilege matter. Party reiterates its demand for resignation of Badal duo: – Khaira

In order to divert the attention of Sikh masses and to escape the wrath of protestors, the junior Badal has committed yet another error of concocting a maliciously false story of foreign hand, in the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib ji.

As we are aware, Mr. I.P. Sahota ADGP released audio tapes of two callers from Australia and Dubai, alleging their hand in desecration of the holy Granth. But reacting immediately both the alleged callers Sukhjit Singh of Australia and Hardip Singh of Dubai, have completely debunked the concocted story of the police and have come out and challenged the government to prove the sordid allegations. On the contrary, both callers claimed that they spoke to Rupinder Singh now arrested for the sacrilege incidents, as they wanted to send money to help those lying seriously injured due to police brutality. I have personally watched the video of Hardip Singh of Dubai, wherein he has not only categorically denied any foul play, but has gone to say that we the poor truck drivers and labourers had collected some money as help and could never think of causing injury to our holy Granth.

Similarly, villagers, Panches, Ex-Sarpanches etc. of V. Panjgraian Khurd assembled in the gurudwara yesterday and raised their hands in favour of wrongly arrested brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh, the so called villains of sacrilege incidents as per police. The villagers have trashed the police theory and said that both the brothers are devout Sikhs and have been wrongly implicated in the case, merely to divert public attention.

It is also a known fact, that the Punjab police is a highly politicized force and cannot blink without the nod of the junior Badal, therefore we hold Sukhbir Badal guilty of the murders of Sikh youth in police firing. He cannot in any manner escape responsibility as Home Minister for the killings of two innocent Sikh youths. To add insult to injury, the police on the directions of junior Badal has registered a FIR against unknown persons u/s 302 of the IPC, which only reinforces the allegations of foul play by the police.

Committing yet another folly, Badal’s front man SGPC President Mr. Makkar has dismissed the “Panj Piyara’s” who rightly dared to summon his puppet Jathedar’s, for their erroneous judgment on the Dera Sacha Sauda Chief. The Badals and his cronies like Makkar are not only trying to re-write and distort history, but by doing so are breaking the “Maryada” of “Panj Piyara’s”, a concept created by our tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Therefore, keeping in view the complete breakdown of the law and order and all around failure of the government to maintain peace in the state, Congress reiterates its demand for resignation of the Badal duo. In the same breath, Congress also rejects the politically motivated Zora Singh Commission of inquiry, which will meet the same fate like the other so called commissions appointed by Mr. Badal, to hoodwink the people of Punjab.

Bhagwant Mann writes:
Home minister Rajnath singh ji nu punjab ch jaap kardia sangta te AK -47 di firing karan da order den vale genrel Diar kaun hai te ohna virudh case daraj karan di demand kiti..punjab sarakar de zulma di att bare gall kiti..sarkara tak loka da ros te gussa pahuchan da kamm jari rahega..

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