Bhagwant Mann arrived in Amritsar today and commented on Majithia’s case and loss of Akali Dal in Delhi. He said it’s better Sukhbir Badal’s news doesn’t come on front page news as he said he’s not “serious”.

Regarding the recent clash between BJP Anil Joshi’s brother and Akali Dal members he said why Anil Joshi didn’t speak out when ASI was shot dead in public.

Bhagwant Mann said now Anil Joshi wants a full investigation into the incident because it happened to them but why don’t they speak out when it happens to members of the public.

Bhagwant Mann said law and order should be equal to everyone and no special treatment should be given to politicians.

Bhagwant Mann comments on Anil Joshi:

Bhagwant Mann comments on Akai Dal and Majithia

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