Bhagwant Mann took to social media to respond to yesterday’s viral videos which alleged he consumed alcohol before arriving at the Shaheedi Samagam of 2 young Sikhs killed during the Kotakpura police firing.

Many eyewitness have stepped forward to say the rumors are false and that Bhagwant Mann was completely sober.

Bhagwant Mann said on social media:

“Friends, false rumors are being spread about me that I wasn’t allowed to speak at the Bhog Samagam and that I was told to leave the stage. This is all false and the truth is that after matha tek I and Prof Sadhu sat with the sangat. I was than asked by the stage manager to come on stage where our party convener Sucha Singh Chotepur had already been present. I hesitated as the stage was very crowded and than was told that Sucha Singh Chotepur would represent our party. An announcement was made by Baljit Singh Dhaduwal that the stage was over crowded and there is fear the stage could break and it was requested for many to leave the stage. Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji was also present on stage and so adhering to the request I realized that I’m not on the list of speakers and so I should leave the stage. I got off from the back part of the stage where I interacted with people. While this was happening, Chotepur gave respects to the shaheeds. I realized some miscreants were following me because I don’t keep security with me and so it was easy for people to pursue me. During this, some youngsters asked me to speak out about Bapu Surat Singh in parliament and then they started to say nonsense things about me. I thought it was better for me to leave the site rather than indulging with them. None of these rumors are true and this is an attempt to divert the issue in the media and we will keep fighting until we gain justice.

Bhagwant Mann’s Response:


Eyewitness Response:


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