Bhagwant Mann spoke out on the police brutality in Kotakpura which resulted in deaths of 2 peacefully protesting Sikhs. He said, “Those who are suppose to protect the public openly fired. There were there ways to disperse the crowd but police chose openly fire.

Sikhs have launched protests in just about every city and village in Punjab. The Sikhs have resorted to peaceful protests despite warnings given by police to end the protests.

Bullets were fired and water cannons were used on the Sikh leaders, Parcharaks and Sangat. At this point, Sikhs were forcefully picked-up or assaulted. Bhai Panthpreet Singh is said to have sustained injuries during this offensive, as well as many others. Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa with a group of Singh’s were pursued by numerous Police officers but managed to enter a nearby Gurdwara. Soon after, they were transported from the Gurdwara to a currently unknown location.

Bhagwant Mann stated he will request the Centre to have Governor rule in Punjab.

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