Bhagwant Mann Fumes Over Farmer Mother-Son Suicide in Jodhpur

Bhagwant Mann expressed his unhappiness over the government’s failure to save a farmer and his mother who committed suicide by drinking pesticide. The court ordered the take over of the farmer’s land after he was unable to pay a 3lakh loan to the Aritya Association.

Jodhpur, Barnala: Resident of village Jodhpur farmer Baljit Singh committed suicide by drinking pesticide due to court order to confiscate his land. Baljit Singh owed 3lakhs to the Artiya Association which took to court to recover their money. The court issued an order to confiscate his land.

Baljit Singh

Baljit Singh

The mother of Baljit Singh couldn’t watch her son die in front of her eyes and so she also drank pesticide and took her life.

Farmers protested and stated that the lives of Baljit Singh could’ve been saved by the police. Police say they wanted to save the life of the man but the court had made a decision and police had to follow the law.

The farmers have launched a protest against the Artiya Association.

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