Aam Aadmi Party MP Bhagwant Mann addressed a crowd in his constituency of Sangrur and during his speech gave some very fitting examples between himself and the Badal family, as well as other politicians.

Bhagwant Mann said I was elected MP with the highest margin of votes, but did anyone hear any sirens upon my arrival? Or any armed guards pushing away crowds trying to approach me? Bhagwant Mann said when I don’t take bribes, do not loot peoples lands, do not take over successful businesses by force or forcibly register criminal cases against people, then who exactly do I need security from? The public is my security and above all my gunman is God.

Bhagwant Mann targeted the Badal family and others who take advantage of peoples financial situations, and for cause of farmers being in debt, students paying their loans to get degrees and now out of jobs as well as legal implications against those who stand in their way. People who challenge them usually get cases registered against them which no attorney can ever get you out of since the Badal family hold power in the state.

Bhagwant Mann – Tava on Badal by 5abtv

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