“Bhagat Ji Carried Me on Shoulders for 14 Years” Emotional Testimony

Excerpts from Kalcine Ent, Inc documentary about the unsung hero of India, a man who gave his entire life to the service of humanity.

A Selfless Life: a biography of Bhagat Ji Puran Singh Pingalwara is a 45-minute labour of love; an examination of a truly remarkable life.

The relatively unknown Bhagat Puran Singh was born in Punjab in 1904. Motivated by his profound understanding of Sikh teachings and his love of humanity, he established Pingalwara, an institution dedicated to the care and healing of the disabled and infirm.

The uplifting documentary is told from the unusual point of view of the observations of Pyara, Bhagat Puran Singh’s severely disabled ward, whom he transported on his back for 14 years.

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