Bhaagi Kaur, Lost 11 Members in 84 Sikh Genocide

Bhaagi Kaur relives trauma after communal clash in Tilak Vihar Last Week.

Bhaagi Kaur Holding Gas Shell
Bhaagi Kaur Holding Gas Shell

Bhaagi Kaur lost 11 members of her family in the November1984 Sikh Genocide and is known to all members of Seva84

During the attacks on the Widow Colony Tilak Vihar last week, this gas shell targeted her home and went off at her door. The eyes of all her family members were stinging and teared up…. chaos… pain… distress and panic hit these survivors of Genocide once again. Other victims narrated vigorous coughing and painful irritation around the mouth, nose and eyes.

Bhaagi Kaur was given support from seva84 on day one of the attacks. Like all of us, she believes it makes no sense why the residents of the Widow (genocide) Colony was attacked, when it was the attackers who arrived fully equipped with sharp weaponry.

Stones were pelted at this justice-seeking widow causing her minor injuries to her upper knee and upper leg. Her son Ballu also received minor injuries. Some others received assurances of help from seva84 before Delhi committee thankfully arrived on the scene. Seva84 are still being approached for help by the residents regarding various expenses the victims and their families have & are incurring as a direct result of the attacks last week

Visit and know the great work that is being done to help the Victims of the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

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