While Sikhs are getting killed because of mistaken identity these idiots give a bad name to Sikhi. The Gurdwara Sahib has a history of clashes among the two groups.

A Singh took to facebook to express his disgust of how many in the community have ashamed Sikhs at a time when Sikhs are facing increasing hate crimes due to mistaken identity. Japhi Singh stated that many elderly fellows who’ve done nothing for the community at large are increasingly involved in clashes and often trying to become leaders of Gurdwaras.

Earlier today:

A fight broke out among 100 people inside the Turlock Gurdwara Sahib earlier in the afternoon between two groups.

The authorities walked inside the Gurdwara responding to emergency calls of a clash inside the Gurdwara. The authorities responded by clearing the Gurdwara and blocked entry of Gurdwara and the parking lot.

Some people who refused to leave were pepper sprayed and the police have cited an history of clashes inside the Gurdwara.

Video: Jaskaran Mangat

Japhi Singh’s Response:

Singh's Response to Turlock Gurdwara Incident by dailysikhupdates

Clash Video:

Turlock Gurdwara by dailysikhupdates

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