Best News Video On Waris Ahluwalia and Racism Against Sikhs in USA is a Must Watch

The Washington Post has created a very well researched video on racism faced by Sikhs in the United States. The extremely knowledgable video will clear doubts of an ignorant person and provide understanding of the Sikh faith.

The case of Waris Ahluwalia has positively benefited Sikhs worldwide due to the massive media attention the incident received. An unfortunate incident is something which Sikhs know all to much about. Post 9/11, Sikhs have become victims of mistaken identity and targets at airports.

Waris in his numerous interviews has stated that he gets racially profiled at airports due to his appearance. He took the opportunity to educate the masses that Sikhs are fun and loving people.

Also, the response of Waris of spreading love has been applauded by people worldwide.

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