Best Car Insurance Companies in the UK

Auto car insurance is a legal requirement by the UK Government which without you can not drive a car. If you ever get into an accident you will be arrested and will be liable for extremely high fines. This is why auto insurance is very important to have as it will protect you during any accidents or breakdowns. The car insurance providers offer 3 main levels of insurance and they all are different with certain benefits and cost related to the premiums.

The basic form of car insurance is called the 3rd party which only covers the damage your car causes to other cars. The premiums are calculated based on a risk assessment where different variables are taken into account and your premium is according to the risk of you as an individual. Some of the factors taken into consideration when determining your risk level are you age, experience, mileage, the you’re driving, and location.

Here we break down our recommendation for the top and best Car Insurance companies

1) Aviva Car insurance provides the most benefits as it has the most policies available and currently you could be eligible for a 20% discount.

2) Direct Line car insurance is another great company as it offers two policies comprehensive and TPFT. Currently the discounts available are adding an additional car and no claims

3) Saga Car Insurance is thirst on the list as it’s extremely competitive and provides the best bang on the buck

4) Admiral Car insurance company ranks forth because it provides all the best policies and very competitive rates. The discounts currently available are adding multiple cars and 80% no claims.

5) quotezone Car insurance rounds up our top 5 as it does the shopping for you and provides you quotes from some of the best carriers in the UK.

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