An NDTV reporter reveals that during the Sikh genocide in 1984 Chittaranjan Park was one of the few places which protected Sikhs from being massacred. The reporter reveals the area is dominated by Bengalis who settled at Chittaranjan Park in the 1970s.

During the 1984 Sikh massacre, the Bengalis formed a woman chain around the colony to protect Sikhs. When the mobs came to find Sikhs in the colony, the Bengalis picked up bats and rods to chase the mobs away which prevented Sikhs from being killed in the area. The colony was one of the few colonies which provided a safe haven for Sikhs.

The CM of West Bengal, had actually started imposing section 144 in parts of WB to stop the massacre from affecting Sikhs in these areas. It is also said that he had kept several prominent Congress leaders under house-arrest so that they could not incite violence.

Later as the evening progressed, trains and buses were stopped by the government and the police was deployed in full force. The next day, he came out with an open announcement to sikhs that they could run their businesses and shops without fear as his own party cadres would protect the sikh majority areas. This is by far the best decision taken by the CM in his entire regime.

Fast forward to 10:30 of the video:

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