Kiran Bedi has claimed for decades that she towed the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi’s car in Connaught Place in 1982.

Therefore, she was transferred because she claimed she was courageous enough to regulate law and order in the city of Delhi by herself. Shortly thereafter, Kiran Bedi became known as “Crane Bedi” and this title became her nickname.


However, the truth is that sub inspector in New Delhi Nirmal Singh towed the Prime Minister’s car but Kiran Bedi took all the credit. In an interview with a news channel Nirmal Singh spoke out about what had happened.

Kiran Bedi was the deputy commissioner of police and Nirmal Singh was the sub inspector but to gain publicity she took the credit.

There have been a number of differing accounts of Bedi and Nirmal Singh where Bedi states the car as “PM’s house car” and Nirmal Singh stated indeed it was the PM’s official car.

Nirmal Singh in various interviews has given Kiran Bedi credit and says “She would make a good CM.”

Even on Kiran Bedi’s twitter account she has listed: “Towed PM’s car for traffic violation”


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