Beadbi, Man Curses and Says Very Negative Things About Sikh Gurus (Video)

A video shows a man cursing and saying extremely negative things about Sikh Gurus has surfaced. The man is unidentified and is not yet known. The intention is very clear from the start and it appears to be a planned video.

The man knew exactly what he was doing as he knew he was being filmed. He first started to use bad language against Sikh Gurus with very negative emotions and then ripped the photo hanging on the wall. The international Sikh community is outraged as something of this sort has never happened before and beadbi has now been taken to an extremely high level. Local communities are looking for this person to report him to the police as he has committed a very terrible act.

Man Curses Sikh Gurus on Video by dailysikhupdates

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